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To begin with..what you eat is dependent on your own unique needs and preferences. You also have to consider the intensity/length and type of exercise.

Here are a few particulars that are supported in the literature:

The major source of fuel is CHO (carbohydrates) and it is stored in muscles as glycogen.

It takes time to refill glycogen stores and so what you eat post exercise can help or hinder your recovery.

Replacing any fluid loss ...hint: weigh yourself before and after...for every lb lost intake 20-24 fl. oz of water - in addition consume CHO - for example - fruit or juice within 15 minutes post exercise.

Research suggests .3 to .6 grams of CHO per each lb of body weight within 2 hours of endurance exercise.

CHO plus Protein speeds recovery optimal ratio of 4 grams of CHO to 1 gram of protein...personally....I like a baked potato and nuts can of tuna has 18 grams of protein...

It's not rocket science to fuel the body....

Reference: Journal of Sports Nutrition

Let me know if you want more tidbits

Drink/eat and be strong!!!

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