Have you strained your brain ??

Did you know that your brain is like any other body part when it gets injured? It needs time to heal and rehabilitate. It is very important that after a concussion, you go to a concussion specialist within 24-48 hours to be assessed and find out what part of the complex system is causing the concussive symptoms.

Symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea and fatigue are just a few that you may be experiencing. Just as you would do for an assessment on your knee or shoulder an Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist will take you through various tests and challenges to see where you may need to retrain and rehabilitate. Once the weaknesses are found you will begin your program right away.

Studies show that within an 8 week vestibular and cervical spine rehabilitation program, people with symptoms of headache, dizziness and neck pain have a 66% higher rate of return to sport/school (Orthopedaedic Division Review-Vol.27 No.2).

We encourage anyone who is involved in sports to get a Baseline test done at our clinic. It is a quick 15 min test. It gives us a starting point to work from should you return to our clinic post concussion for treatment.

Please take some time to click on the following links for a more in depth explanation of our Baseline testing and an article in Get Out There Magazine on Concussions written by Kara Creed and Nancy Botting.

Baseline Testing info

Concussion Article from Get Out There Magazine

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