The benefits of walking !

It is finally warming up outside and now is a great time to get started in becoming more active. A really easy way to do this is to start walking! Walking is free, easy to do and it has many health benefits. Many of us make the mistake of thinking we have to go to the gym, make crazy work out plans, and run all the time to get in shape and if we can't achieve all these things we end up not doing anything at all. I challenge you to start with walking, 15-30 minutes a day, and see how your body and health benefit from this exercise. Get into the habit of taking a little bit of time everyday and it will become much easier to stick to a regular routine of exercise.

Here is a TED talk video by Nilofer Merchant talking about the detriments of sitting and how to incorporate walking into your everyday life:

Here is an article discussing 12 benefits of walking:

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