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Are you suffering from dizziness or vertigo? Is it affecting the ability to participate in your work or regular activities? It can be treated!

 Therapists at Physical Edge have advanced and specialized training in treating vertigo and dizziness. Our skills allow us to assess and treat dizziess that may have a vestibular, central nervous system or cerviacal orgin. If you have undiagnosed vertigo or dizziness... we may be able to help...

Common symptoms that we can treat (Dizziness that occurs):

  •  when you change position

  •  when you are lying in bed

  •  when you are in a busy place

  •  when you are on a train or driving in the car

  •  when you are walking or moving

Vertigo (a feeling that the room is spinning):

  • Loss of balance

  • Feeling unsteady

  • Difficulty concentrating and focusing

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