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Joint Pain Treatment

All Physical EDGE Physiotherapists are university educated, regulated health professionals that have advanced post graduate training in the identification and treatment of musculoskeletal injury. At Physical Edge you can expect to receive the highest quality of care. On your first visit a thorough biomechanical analysis of your injury will assist us in outlining a rehabilitation program that could include:

  •  Advanced manual therapy

  •  Activity specific exercise prescription

  •  Acupuncture - body or auricular (ear)

  •  Myofasical and Active Release Techniques including the F.A.T. tool

  •  Certified Stott Pilates Instruction

  •  PhysioBall Exercise Routines and core stability education

  •  Therapeutic modalities – eg. ultrasound, interferential

  •  Post surgical rehabilitation protocols

  •  Radial Shockwave Treatment

  •  Injury Prevention Strategies       


With an individualized program and an active approach to treatment we will definitely give you the Physical EDGE!

Physical Edge Physiotherapy has 5 Registered Physiotherapists.


Please see our staff profiles for our individual areas of expertise.

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