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Certified Pedorthist

C.Ped (C)

Pedorthic Solutions

​Lisa Irish has a passion for biomechanics, anatomy, human gait and how all that works together in health and injury of the feet and legs. She is a Canadian certified pedorthist (C. Ped (C)), a professional trained in the assessment and treatment of foot and lower limb conditions and diseases using foot orthotics, footwear, footwear modifications and related devices.  After graduating from Kinesiology she trained as a pedorthist and has been practicing clinically for over 30 years. Lisa has consulted internationally training and educating foot care professionals, leading workshops and presenting at conferences on pedorthic therapy. She is also a founding instructor and continues to teach at Western University in the Diploma in Pedorthics program. She has been the president of the Pedorthic Association of Canada and an active board and committee member. The Pedorthic Association of Canada awarded Lisa with their highest honour for leadership in the profession and community as well as the award of distinction twice over her long career. She is committed to multidisciplinary care for injuries and conditions of the lower limb and takes every opportunity to help people understand how pedorthic treatment, appropriately supporting the feet using footwear, orthotics and related devices, can affect their overall health.

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