Vaccinating A Child


Our Sport Medicine Physician is certified by the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine Physicians (CASEM).  He has expertise and advanced training for athletes of all ages in the following:

• Diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injury and/or illness

• Interpretation of laboratory results, special tests and imaging studies (XRay, MRI, ultrasounds, etc.)

• Issues for athletes of all ages and gender (i.e. gender verification, the female athlete triad, pregnancy, issues for the pediatric or geriatric population, etc.)

• Issues for athletes and persons with disabilities

• Specific acute and/or chronic disease states (diabetes, asthma, cardiac conditions, osteoarthritis, etc.) in terms of participation in sport and exercise, and the role of physical activity in prevention

• Appropriate use of orthotics, bracing, taping and splinting for overuse and traumatic injuries

• Environmental and travel issues, immunizations and vaccinations for athletes

• Nutritional factors that can affect performance and training, including fluid and electrolyte replacement

• Current guidelines for management of traumatic brain injury (concussion) and other head injuries

• Exercise prescription for both individuals and teams; including pre-screening for exercise, activity or sport-specific needs, and counselling about strength and conditioning

• Pre-participation physical assessments to determine ability to participate in specific sport related activities

• Counselling regarding medications and supplements in terms of health, doping control, and legal implications


Dr. Douglas Dittmer is the Sport Medicine Physician at Physical Edge. Please see his Bio under Staff profiles.