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Exercising at Home

Physical Edge Physiotherapy provides Physiotherapy in the comfort of your home with special request. As experienced and compassionate medical professionals, we are dedicated to helping you attain your physical goals and functional independence. Whether your mobility has been affected by a recent surgery, a chronic medical condition, or you are trying to prevent the inevitable effects of aging, our team of highly skilled therapists will help you get back on track .

Our At Home Physiotherapy services include:

• Treatments - for improving range of motion, muscle and joint pain

• Exercise programs - for Osteoarthritis and Chronic Back Pain

• Individually guided Exercise programs - for general strengthening

• Falls Prevention

• Acupuncture - for Pain control

• In Home Gym Instruction - with a How-To use Equipment safely focus

We look forward to helping you reach your physical best!

At Home Services are provided by our team of Registered Physiotherapists.

Please contact us if you are looking for short term help post surgery or long term hospital stay.

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